25th anniversary of Isabella Sinclaire — Gary and Pierre Silva

When I decided to move to LA in 1996, it wasn’t because I was ready to dive into the LA BDSM scene. I was married to my college boyfriend who was a musician, signed to a major label and they wanted him in LA so I came here with him. I never really gave it a second though but I had only met a few people from LA who had traveled to NY for work. There were only a few people who seems reputable that advertised in DDI (Domination Directory International which was the “who’s who” for dominant women) so it was a whole new world to explore. I had only worked at a house in NY and didn’t feel like I could make it as an independent in a town I didn’t know so I contacted a place called The Velvet Underground which was newly opened and short lived. But a few of the contacts I made in the short time I was there, were people that remained some of the closest to me to this day. The first photographers (who took this picture, which was my first advertisement in Los Angeles) were named Gary and Pierre Silva, a husband and wife team. They became some of the only people I worked with for several years and our friendship was forged from the first day we met. Even though space and time as made us drift apart, they are and will always be legends in my mind. 

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