25th anniversary of Isabella Sinclaire — Velvet Underground

My time at the Velvet Underground in Los Angeles was brief. The location was not great. My car got broken in to. I was used to knocking out 5-6 sessions a day by myself in NY and this place was lucky if they did 3-4 a day. But it was a new place so I was trying to be patient. There were two main Dommes who were partners in the business. I didn’t know either of them personally but I watched them. I was used to keeping to myself since that’s what I had to do at the Nutcracker in NYC. But these two ladies appeared to be friends. At least on the surface until I started watching one of the ladies taking toys and medical supplies and putting them in the attic. I didn’t ask questions. But I watched. After about a week of this, the other partner came to work but the locks had been changed. The other Domme basically high jacked the business and locked her out. And for no apparent reason than she wanted it for herself. It was tense and chaotic and I remember the Domme who was locked out coming to the building and knocking on the door. And the Domme inside was trying to get everyone to ignore her. There was something about the Domme inside that I didn’t like and started to not trust. I heard her bragging that the other Domme wasn’t going to get her things. And it suddenly dawned on me that the stuff in the attic belonged to the one locked out. That evening after my shift, I packed my clothing discreetly from my locker and I left. If the Domme in charge could confiscate the things from her former partner and lock her out, what would keep her from doing it to me? I called the Domme who had been locked out, told her of the things in the attic and wished her luck. I found out that she had the police assist her in getting into the business to pack her things and when she was done, she asked the other partner where her other equipment was to which she acted like she had no idea. So Sabrina Belladonna asked the cop to help her look in the attic, and viola, there was all her things. I didn’t know her and I didn’t have to help her but I did. We became the best of friends. And business partners for over a decade.

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