Please welcome My newest trainee…Mistress Maroe

For the past month, I have been mentoring this beautiful and statuesque, naturally dominant woman, Mistress Maroe. She stands at 5’11 in her stocking feet and has a wicked smile that will melt the hearts of submissives moments upon meeting her. A handful of My personal slaves have had the pleasure of her company in a few of our playdates and her skills are impeccable. I feel that now is the time to offer my clients the opportunity to see us both for double sessions at a reduced rate of $400 an hour. Or feel free to contact her directly for an appointment via her new Eros ad. She is currently using my studio so you know it is fully equipped!


3 Comments on “Please welcome My newest trainee…Mistress Maroe”

  1. I saw Mistress Maroe when she was in, I believe it was in Van Nuys or that area. She was amazing and she was very good with her feet, very long dexterous toes. It was a dungeon owned or ran by a tall attractive woman. Their dungeon was easy to miss being right on the busy street. Wanted to see her again but she was no longer there.

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