Sinclaire Academy is in session Feb 8th

Sinclaire Academy is in session Feb 8th

Join me on the second Sunday of February for my Sinclaire Academy class which will be focused on Bedroom BDSM.  You will learn how to use it, when to use it, how to initiate it and lots of other fun things.  Couples and singles are welcome to attend this lighthearted take on power exchange and roleplay.   I will have a real couple that I will be doing a demo with.  I’ve trained this couple for 13 years now and they are excited to help with the class.


Latex Maid Ashley & her Dom Isabella Sinclair


To learn more and see the schedule and prepay, visit my CLASSES page.



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  1. Re. Ms. Isabella’s last sentence mentioning, “…13 years…”. Does anyone need more convincing that Her capacity to “change lives” is there! (for the better, of course!)… and is nodoubt growing ALL the time!

    “Hooray for us!”

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