I am a woman and like most women, we love to be adored.  I probably love it more than most. Gifts are a perfect way to express that adoration and every time I receive something, I know that someone has deliberately gone out of their way to show Me how much they appreciate what I have given them.

My Birthday is October 30th but I celebrate the whole month of October (hint, hint).

My mailing address is:

Isabella Sinclaire
PO BOX 862008
Los Angeles, CA 90086

Monthly Devotions:  Here, you can show your devotion in an ongoing way by acknowledging and gifting one or more of the monthly expenses that it takes to be ME.  By doing this, you are recognizing your duty to make my life easier by serving in the sponsorship of such things as:
Manicures $70 monthly
Pedicures $150 monthly
Personal trainers $400 monthly
Gym memberships $40 monthly
Hair stylist appointments $200 monthly
Grocery shopping basics $150 weekly/ $600 monthly

Contact me if you wish to offer your services in this way.  I can set up a recur billing option on one of my payment processor accounts.  Or set calendar reminders to notify you. 

Nothing like a little ping to tell you its time to serve!

I’ve updated a few things on my Amazon wishlist.


And the basics are always needed:

Bi weekly visits to the nail salon at KURE


Gift Certificates to:


La Perla

Agent Provocateur

Victoria’s Secret 

       Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Burke Williams Spa

       Wi Spa