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  1. Just had the DISTINCT pleasure of listening to all of the 54 minutes of the March 2023 interview. There are many, many positive things i could say about it, however i will just comment on the last couple of minutes about a film (movie) that was envisioned by Msst. Isabella but sadly not (so far) green-lit.

    The so-called condensed “treatment” i gather from Her script as described is, She would play a Female Deity from another World that arrives to Earth to enslave the men… and some end up (Ahem!) “dying”, as we all will… (btw., Covid 19 has a lot of us questioning, what is “natural” and what is not) and their skin(s) is/are used as Her natural (or should i say “environmentally conscious”) way of saving the Earth (somewhat), as just about all “latex” has petroleum in it! (it memorializes them, She said)

    It has been my experience, Ma’am Isabella NEVER shies away from “difficult issues”! (and it is fiction, after all)

  2. Over months, having watched the video for the third time now, I can honestly say it gets better with each viewing. To me, his once a tad annoying “excitability” became quite genuine and, the often subtle but naturally firm and honest (often fun) responses of “MsIsabella” gives “equanimity” its true meaning. They are both impressive “film buffs”, with good memories too! IMHO, if I had to pick a section, the second half is quite riveting given all the “home truths” revealed.
    And finally, as the end persuaded me, She could be a ringer for “a Deity from another World”!!

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