All GwenMedia DVDs are for sale at wholesale prices!

This will be the last year I carry stock of DVD’s from GwenMedia and Ivy Manor Videos. And I’m selling them at wholesale prices to clear out some space. So get them while you can. Once they are gone, they are gone forever! But you can always watch them in “Download to Own” format if DVDs aren’t your thing. They are available at Enjoy and add a comment on what your favorites are! And why! I’m curious to know. Maybe it will motivate me to shoot more this year.

2 responses to “All GwenMedia DVDs are for sale at wholesale prices!”

  1. Undercover and Part Time 3 Poker Game are exceptional. Jewell Marceau and Eden Wells are incredible bdsm actresses. Their athletic ability is unbelievable. Any dvd with them performing will be great. Of course all the Ivy Manor dvds are great. it all started for us with the accidental discovery of Ivy Manor 3 Tropical Submission. Thank you Isabella and all those other performers involved. These movies are all of the highest quality in bdsm entertainment.

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